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December 12 2015


How to Choose Sanderson Curtains

While you are spending a lot of money on luxury bedding from top brands, why not buy matching curtains for your bedroom?

I have seen people who don’t like spending money on curtains – for no reason. Majority of the people don’t know the importance of curtains. Those who know how important curtains are, they just don’t know how to make most from their curtains.

Curtains are, therefore, one of the most ignored items in your bedroom or maybe one of the most ignored.

Even if you want to buy new Sanderson curtains for your home, you will not be able to choose the right ones and that is mainly because you have never purchased them in the past.

Today, we will talk about curtains and how to choose the best Sanderson curtains for your bedroom and the ways of decorating bedroom.

Colour and Design

Just like any other bedding sets, the first thing that you will look in a curtain is its design and colour scheme. It is natural that we human beings like things that appeal us and you will therefore, try to buy a curtain that you will like visually.

But before you do so, ask yourself, will it look good in your bedroom? Will it go well with your bedroom’s theme? Will it look nice on your window?

If your answer is YES to all these questions, you shouldn’t wait to buy such a curtain.

Colour and design are the first thing that you look at while shopping for a curtain and this is the reason you must go for something that looks decent.


After you have selected the right colour and design, the next thing is to go and touch the curtain and see its fabric.

There is no single best fabric for curtains. At times, you will need to buy those cotton lightweight curtains that you can wash in machine easily, while at other moments, you will have to buy silk Sanderson curtains that will give a luxury look to your bedroom.

Curtains are made from a lot of fabrics but most of them are made from cotton.

Length and Size

The next thing to consider is the length and the size of the curtain. This can only be done if you have complete dimensions of the window with you. It is strongly recommended to always note the complete dimensions of the window before shopping for a curtain.

Here is a quick tip, always buy slightly large curtain than the dimensions you have because most of the fabrics shrink with the first wash.

Type of Curtain

You also can choose sanderson duvet covers or you can have your curtains custom designed for you. Readymade curtains are cheap while custom made or self-made curtains will going to cost you a lot of money. If you can afford custom curtains, go for them.

These were a few tips for choosing the right sanderson curtains for your bedroom. Focusing on these tips and these points will surely going to help you a lot with buying the most appropriate curtain for your bedroom.

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